Windows 10 Video Library

Migrating to Windows 10 and want to know what's new? Our Windows 10 video library covers some of the new and improved features in short yet helpful video tutorials.

Windows 10 is the latest and quite possibly the last new Windows Operating system, and it is a great one. It includes many improved features, newly added ones, and is consistently updating and improving.

Valiant Technology wants all users to feel comfortable with this new OS, so our training department has put together a few how-to videos. Read on to learn more about the new and improved features including updates to Windows snap and the new start menu. Just follow the links below to watch each video in our Windows 10 video library.

Anatomy of Start

Windows 10 has a new start menu that combines the best parts of the Windows 7 and Windows 8 start menus.

Anatomy of Start video

Action Center

One of the best new features is the Action Center and Notifications section. It is a useful user interface upgrade.

Action Center video

Presentation Mode

This new Windows 10 feature allows for a one-click solution to change multiple settings before giving a presentation.

Presentation Mode video

Windows Snap

An improved feature in Windows 10 is the incredibly helpful and easy Windows snap feature. Organize your windows with an easy and intuitive snap.

Windows Snap video

Shake Your Window

Shaking a window to minimize all other windows offers more organization options.

Shake Your Window video

Emoji Keyboard

Get your message across loud and clear with emojis, easily accessible with the new emoji keyboard feature.

Emoji Keyboard Video

Snip and Sketch

Take easy screen captures and make quick edits with Snip and Sketch, the new replacement for snipping tool.

Snip and Sketch video


Windows’ AI assistant is easily accessible near the start menu for Windows 10. Ask questions and get search results with Cortana.

Hello Cortana video

Additional Valiant Training

If you want to learn more about technology visit our training page. There you will find our knowledge base and can inquire about bringing personalized training to your staff.

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