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Innovative Support for Creative People.

Valiant is the tech support team you always wanted. We support firms of all sizes- from 5 in a co-working space to 200+ employees spread across the country.

From Advertising to Accounting, Architecture to Audio, Fashion Design to Web Design, Public Relations to Publishing, Fine Dining to Fine Art, our team of 40 certified tech experts understand the challenges of your industry.

Our help desk team is live, local, and staffed at our NYC headquarters 7 days a week, and we are ready to solve YOUR tech problems in a hurry.

Managed Service

Our primary package is what the industry has termed “Managed Service.” The basic definition of this fancy term is this: you get unlimited reactive support, while we proactively monitor, manage and maintain your systems so they behave, and best of all- we operate at a fixed monthly cost.

Proactive Tech Support

Fighting fires is great, but what if fire never breaks out? Our team is dedicated to the idea that an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Virtual CIO

The CIO will make your business stand head and shoulders above the competition through the use of technology, while controlling costs.

The Tao of Valiant

We are a tribe, not just a team.
We are curious, always growing.
We do the right thing, and we do it now.
We. Are. Awesome.
We are Valiant.


Mathew Evins, Evins Communications, Ltd.
Mathew Evins
Chairman & CEO,
Evins Communications, Ltd.
Valiant has always been there for us, and going above and beyond is a commitment. You are instrumental to our business, essential to our operations, and invaluable to our piece of mind. Thank you so much for all that you and your exceptional team do, day-in and day-out!
Clint Hild, Bitfire, Inc.
Clint Hild
Bitfire, Inc.
After an orientation meeting and discovery of what my tech needs are, Tom's team has helped me resolve dozens of issues over the years with grace and prowess.
Jim Roddy, Vantiv
Jim Roddy
ISV Business Advisor,
Tom has proven to be a leader and trendsetter among IT solution providers. Business Solutions has featured his company in more than one magazine success story, and we have invited Tom to speak on multiple occasions at our Channel Transitions Conferences.
Michael Gansl, Voice of Reason Consulting
Michael Gansl
Voice of Reason Consulting
I wholeheartedly recommend Tom and his firm to any C Level executive who is looking to grow their business and requires the continued support of an outstanding outsourced IT Managed Service resource.
Robert Heiss, Sandler Trading
Robert Heiss
Sandler Trading
Everyone at Valiant is customer focused. They are dedicated and passionate about having their customer's IT functions run seamlessly. Extremely knowledgeable and practical, they will enable you to focus on your business.
Lee Goldstein, DiMassimo Goldstein
Lee Goldstein
DiMassimo Goldstein
They understand how IT plays a role in business and how to protect your assets in all conditions. Whether it's a tighten the belt situation or expansion, they get what their true job is, to enhance and protect your data, to keep technology costs under control and to maximize productivity.

The Right Solution. Right Now.

We are platform and manufacturer agnostic, what a novel concept! Valiant always works with an open mind to select the right technology for you. We work for YOU, not for our manufacturers. We ensure THEY work for you too. We'll bring in the tech in the vendor polo when we need him, we'll also send him packing if his product doesn't measure up.

  • Dell
  • Apple
  • Meraki
  • Sonicwall
  • Synology
  • Microsoft

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