Legal Practices

A secure and compliant infrastructure to protect client privacy is critical.

Technology is quickly replacing rows of file cabinets and research trips to the library. This shift in how legal practices use technology presents the need for a more comprehensive approach to managing their workloads and sensitive data.

Is your practice prepared to take advantage of more efficient workflows – improving revenue generation and case outcomes?

Is it equipped with the right team of experts to secure, manage, and ensure resources are always available and ready for use?

Stable, Managed Technology

The impact of downtime on a business can be crippling. 93% of businesses unable to access critical services and data for one week declare bankruptcy within one year. Avoid the pitfalls of downtime with a network designed and managed by experts.

Monitoring & Proactive Support

Managed Service by Valiant is based on our philosophy of systems design to create networks that are stable, secure, and scalable. By taking responsibility for your technology as a whole, Valiant Managed Service elevates and improves your technical results via focused, proactive, standards-driven methods.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

The Cloud presents many advantages for legal practices. From general purpose servers, to ones highly optimized for storage, memory, or compute power, the Cloud enables businesses to make resources available with a very short turnaround time.

Strategic Benefits

Cloud computing provides the latest technologies available, almost instantly, with minimal investment and no additional footprint in your workplace.


Quickly bring new servers online to accommodate the demands of your business’s critical applications. Supplement on-premise hardware with cloud-based solutions.


Servers scale with your needs to meet workload demands without the costs normally associated with a traditional infrastructure.

Relocation of your infrastructure to the Cloud simplifies maintenance by reducing or eliminating services that run on in-house servers, removing the need for dedicated space and power while providing 24/7 health monitoring. Protect your practice from downtime by removing the potential for local power outages and other scenarios from halting business operations.


Valiant's team is comprised of experts from various backgrounds, collaborating on solutions that enhance performance, reliability, and enable your business to thrive.

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Paul and Mark in the lab.
Paul and Mark in the lab.

Security & Compliance Solutions

Confidentiality is a paramount concern shared among legal practices. As technology grows and is adopted in the workplace, the need to mitigate risks increases to combat damage to your reputation, data loss, and regulatory penalties.

Security Best Practices

What are potential security threats that you should consider? Which exist on your network right now? Valiant’s Security Best Practices solutions can identify and remedy problems before they have a negative impact on your bottom line.

IT Policy Creation

Established policies for IT resource usage, security, and escalation streamline operations and reduce risk.

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent loss of data from both accidental and malicious actions, establish retention policies to meet compliance requirements.

Penetration Testing

Identify and remediate weak points in your network infrastructure before they become costly incidents.

Best Practices Training

Implement security best practices in your organization to prepare your staff to defend themselves from online threats.

Multi-factor Authentication

Improve your organizations security by implementing multi-factor authentication for email and other commonly used services.

External Security Audits

Gain a deep understanding of your IT infrastructure from an unbiased authority to increase efficiency while reducing risk.

Mobile Device Management

The modern workplace extends well beyond the walls of an office, and so do the risks of data leakage.

Valiant’s expertise in securing mobile devices includes the implementation of Multi-factor authentication to limit access and mobile device policies to ensure confidential data is not exposed in the event of device breach or theft.

Integration & Collaboration

A law practice’s technology infrastructure must meet the demands of line-of-business software platforms and services that are in use to deliver value and efficiency of systems and reduce risk while maximizing capital gain.


The adoption of platforms responsible for providing services around multiple areas of responsibility presents a need for properly designed, resilient, highly available, network infrastructure and the ability to integrate systems with other commonly used platforms and accounting packages like Microsoft Office 365, Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks.

Go Paperless

Inefficiencies related to a paper-based office can be as damaging as downtime. For example, the average office worker loses one month each year searching for or waiting on misfiled, mislabeled, untracked, or lost documents due to the reliance on paper files. For every misfiled document, more than $100 is lost in productivity.

A paperless office involves digitizing traditional documents and securely storing them in a system that enables efficient tracking and organizing, resulting in less time managing information and more time working with it. In addition, reduction of paper usage lowers costs and impact on the environment.

Team Collaboration

Sharing internal knowledge can save time and money, and legal firms have started to adopt collaboration-related software to enhance daily communications. Internal communications tools such as Microsoft Teams are enabling staff to communicate in real time, share documents, and provide critical updates instantly.

Valiant’s team of experts work with clients to determine collaboration tools that meet business requirements while maintaining a high level of security, enabling you to access data and work with your team from anywhere.

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Is Managed Service a good fit for my business?

If your business depends on technology, then yes – managed services are right for you.

Valiant’s managed service offerings control IT costs without sacrificing experience. Our team of engineers and technicians increase efficiency and security, reduce risk, and help you stay focused on your business.

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Valiant has always been there for us, and going above and beyond is a commitment. You are instrumental to our business, essential to our operations, and invaluable to our piece of mind. Thank you so much for all that you and your exceptional team do, day-in and day-out!
Evins Communications, Ltd.
Mathew Evins, Chairman & CEO
We have been working with Valiant for 6 years and they have become trusted partners in every sense of the word. Aside from exceptional day to day support, our team at Valiant has kept us ahead of the curve on cyber security under very demanding conditions. We couldn’t be happier.
Compensation Advisory Partners
Dan Laddin, Partner
I have worked with Valiant for over the period of 10 years while at 2 separate companies and I consider their team to be an extension of my in house staff. The expertise of their staff has contributed significantly to each project their outcome has been better as a result of their involvement.
3.1 Phillip Lim
Marc Iannotta, Sr. Director of Global Operations
Everyone at Valiant is customer focused. They are dedicated and passionate about having their customer's IT functions run seamlessly. Extremely knowledgeable and practical, they will enable you to focus on your business.
Sandler Training
Robert Heiss, Partner

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