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Cloud vs. On Premise Servers – Which is right for your business?

Determining the right server solution for a business can be a daunting task, and cost is often a factor that plays a large role in a final decision. Cloud-based services...
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Monitors: Form and Function

One request I commonly receive, as a part of Valiant’s procurement team, is for new monitors. They are heavily requested as they are essential to the modern workplace, but their...
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Demystifying Hardware Licensing

Being responsible for the procurement of technology for Valiant’s clients is often met with questions around licensing, particularly when they are included in quotes for new networking hardware. More often...
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What is VoIP?

In our ever-evolving landscape of text and social media, it’s easy to forget about our friend – the Phone.  Believe it or not, the phone is still a powerful tool...
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Wireless Networking for Businesses: The Shocking Truth

With each new office we build, the customer often asks, “Can’t we just be 100% wireless? Won’t that save us money?” In nearly every scenario, the answer is no. Newer...
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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part V

Many people think of Dropbox as a backup solution, but the IT industry categorizes this product as an “enterprise file sync and share.” This is where most people think the “Cloud”...
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All Clouds are not created Equal: Part IV

Archive vs Backup Everyone wants every file, everywhere, all the time. This is not feasible, nor cost effective. Not only does your data have to be identified as structured vs. unstructured,...
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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part III

What are we talking about? You must be reading from the same dictionary as your service provider. In addition to RPO and RTO (Part II), terminology in this market has...
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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part II

How Long Can You Live Without Your Stuff? Now that you now know what kind of data you have (from Part I), the next factor to identify is time. There are...
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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part I

How long could you live without your accounts receivable? Losing data is one of the most catastrophic events that any company can face, yet this potential event does not get...
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