Please Feel Free to Reach Out if You Have Any Questions

If you’ve ever worked with tech support, the title of this post should be familiar to you. If not, you may want to reconsider who is providing support services to your organization.

Whether I’m writing an email to a client, or simply updating a ticket, I always end my correspondence with “Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions,” and I mean every word of it. 

Understand The Problem

It’s important for our customers to understand the issues they’re facing. I want them to be curious about what caused their problem so they can prevent it from recurring. I want them to understand how it was fixed, not only so they understand that the problem has been resolved, but to empower them to resolve it on their own should it happen again, helping to minimize potential downtime.

Ask Questions

Most importantly, I want people to understand their computer, and feel comfortable and confident using it. And if the problems do come back, to feel comfortable knowing we’re only a phone call (or email) away and always happy to help. 

Be Curious

So please, ask those questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Find out why the problem you’re having happened. Don’t worry about asking “stupid questions”, the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask. Be inquisitive, and in turn, you could be the one using what you learned to impress your own client at your next meeting. 

Have a question? Please feel free to reach out by leaving a comment below.

Michael joined Valiant Technology in 2017 with over a decade of managed service experience. An enthusiastic problem solver with a drive to constantly improve, supporting business technology was a natural...

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