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As the temperature rises, so does the need for streamlined and…

How to Share your Google Calendar

GSuite applications are especially good for ease of collaboration, which is a major tenet of the modern workplace. However, it is important that users understand how to use the tool provided such as Team Drives, Google Meet and Shared Calendars. This article covers the steps to sharing your calendar with one or more users and how to set permissions to grant access only to what you want to allow.

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for connecting and networking with other professionals. However, not everyone acts with the best intentions. When you need to block someone, it’s important that you can do so quickly and easily.

Setting Up Offline Gmail Access

Using Gmail through the browser has a lot of benefits including the ability to check your mail from any device. By default you still need an internet connection to view even your old mail. You can avoid this by turning on offline access to your Gmail account.