How to Access G Suite Tasks Using the Side Panel

Using G Suite Side Panel to access your Tasks and to-dos is a quick process. This article goes over where to find this panel and how to use it for G Suite Tasks.

G Suite has a simple task list for keeping track of your to-dos. Tasks have been integrated into the side panel navigation for added convenience. this means you can view, edit and add tasks while using G Suite applications such as Gmail, calendar, and Docs. Follow these simple steps to improve your productivity and utilize the tools at your disposal. 

Viewing Tasks in the side panel

To open the side panel, click the small arrow at the bottom right-hand side of your window. Tasks is one of the default applications and is indicated with the blue pen icon.

This shows how to access tasks from Google Drive.

Tasks you have already created will show up with any details, dates, or subtasks you may have added. Drag and drop a task to reorder the list.

The task panel will be off the the right side and can be ordered how you prefer.

At the bottom of the list are completed tasks that you can view with a click.

How to edit existing Tasks

You can edit any item in Tasks by hovering over it and clicking the pen icon. This will bring up the edit options. From there you can change the date, details, assign the task to a task list and add or erase subtasks.

Not all fields are required. Add details as you see fit and helpful.

How to create new Tasks

With Tasks open in the side panel, you can easily create a new task two ways. There is a button at the top that says add a task. Clicking this will create a new space for you to enter your task title. If you want to add more details, use the edit feature.

Type anything in the space provided to add that as a task.

Another option is to select and existing task title and press enter on your keyboard. This can be useful if you want to add the task anywhere but the top of your list.

How to add a new Task list

You can also create a new Task list by clicking the drop down arrow next to the default task (shown below as “my tasks”). Then click create new list.

Your tasks list may only have the default “my tasks”. Click create new to add more.

Enter your list title and a new list will be created. You can use the same drop down at the top to toggle between lists.

A brand new Task list. Tabula Rasa.

More Side Panel uses

The side panel has more default options such as Calendar and Keep, but also allows for third party add-ons for many of your favorite G Suite apps. Familiarize yourself with this feature and help increase your organization and productivity.

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