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Tech Debt: A Ticking Financial Time Bomb

Are you aware of the monster potentially lurking within your organization? Its name is Tech Debt and it can bring business operations to a halt with absolutely no notice.  Tech...
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Warranties: Why are they so important?

Warranties are often an overlooked item when making a technology purchase, often because they can be very confusing. Even using Dell as an example, who is one of Valiant’s preferred...
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Moving on Up: Part 9 – Personal space

The paint is dry, the network is up, the time is upon us. Time to say goodbye to 501 and move on up to Valiant v6.0 (6.01, that is –...
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Moving on Up: Part 6 – orange & green, and then some.

Earlier today, tribe member Andrew Kwasny and I toured Valiant’s new office space. New walls are up and the layout of the office is beginning to take shape: We now...
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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part III

What are we talking about? You must be reading from the same dictionary as your service provider. In addition to RPO and RTO (Part II), terminology in this market has...
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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part II

How Long Can You Live Without Your Stuff? Now that you now know what kind of data you have (from Part I), the next factor to identify is time. There are...
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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part I

How long could you live without your accounts receivable? Losing data is one of the most catastrophic events that any company can face, yet this potential event does not get...
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