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Cloud vs. On Premise Servers – Which is right for your business?

Determining the right server solution for a business can be a daunting task, and cost is often a factor that plays a large role in a final decision. Cloud-based services...
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Valiant and Datto: A Great Partnership, Part II

Join us as Valiant’s President, Georg Dauterman, and I resume our conversation about our expanding partnership with Datto. If you would like to start with our conversation from the beginning,...
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Valiant and Datto: A Great Partnership, Part I

Valiant Technology is proud to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Datto, providing our clients with additional backup services designed to minimize operational downtime when a disaster strikes....
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Microsoft Cloud Immersion Experience at Camp David

Have you ever wanted to take a piece of software on a “test drive” before making a commitment? We have, and that’s why I’m excited to announce Valiant’s Cloud Immersion...
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Office 365 vs Google Apps for Work

Cats or dogs? Coke or Pepsi? Office 365 or Google Apps for Work? These are eternal questions that lead to endless debate with no “right” answer. Here at Valiant, we...
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Backup Trends 2018: Workstation Backup

Are workstation backups necessary in 2018? In this day and age you would think it would be a simple, binary, choice: YES! Protect ALL the data wherever it may live....
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MFA on Office365: a Basic Primer

In my previous article, I went through some of the high-level reasons why you should (need!) to deploy MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) in your personal life and your business life. Your...
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Multi Factor Authentication

MFA? Master of Fine Arts… Unfortunately, there is nothing artistic about MFA, besides the histrionics caused by not using it to protect one’s identity online. I have started writing a...
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Cloud Computing: Asking What, Not How

Writing blog posts is always easier said than done. I have written, and rewritten, this post over and over again. One of my team members asked me to write a...
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All Clouds Are Not Created Equal: Part V

Many people think of Dropbox as a backup solution, but the IT industry categorizes this product as an “enterprise file sync and share.” This is where most people think the “Cloud”...
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