Staff Training

When both your team and technology work together, operations are streamlined, risks are reduced, and opportunities for innovation and competitive advantages are realized.

Technology advances at a fast pace. Learning about new technologies in the workplace should be simple and provide the knowledge you need to work effectively. Unfortunately, all of the benefits tend to be drowned out by technical specifications, manuals, and other barriers.

Valiant offers staff trainings on topics that are relevant to the modern workplace. Learn the basics of common platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite, along with their included collaborative tools to improve teamwork and discover new ways to reach business goals.

Maryann Dobrowolski, Training Specialist
Maryann Dobrowolski, Training Specialist

Featured Training Sessions

Microsoft 365

Learn the basics of Microsoft 365 with trainings focused on Outlook and other common applications, and discover how to use Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and more to increase collaboration.

Google G Suite

Unlock the full potential of Google’s cloud-based platform by learning how to use to leverage built-in sharing and collaboration features to transform workflows and introduce new efficiencies.


Your staff is your first line of defense against data leakage and other malicious online actions. Educate your staff on security best practices and their role in reducing risk associated with common internet-based threats.

New technologies can present new risks and Valiant’s Security Best Practices training is designed to inform team members at all levels how to identify and avoid common security threats, prevent data leakage, and protect your business’s privacy online.