Security Solutions

Protect sensitive information and manage risk

What are potential security threats that you should consider? Which exist on your network right now?

Valiant’s Security Best Practices services can identify and remedy problems before they have a negative impact on your bottom line.

IT Policy Creation

Established policies for IT resource usage, security, and escalation streamline operations and reduce risk.

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent loss of data from both accidental and malicious actions, establish retention policies to meet compliance requirements.

Penetration Testing

Identify and remediate weak points in your network infrastructure before they become costly incidents.

Best Practices Training

Implement security best practices in your organization to prepare your staff to defend themselves from online threats.

Multi-factor Authentication

Improve your organizations security by implementing multi-factor authentication for email and other commonly used services.

External Security Audits

Gain a deep understanding of your IT infrastructure from an unbiased authority to increase efficiency while reducing risk.

Schedule a conversation with a Valiant team member to learn how our security services enhance stability, reduce risk, and let you concentrate on business growth.

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Company Values

People First

While our work is results-driven, our solutions are designed with people - not technology in mind.

Our people-first approach is at the core of our culture, everything we do, and a part of the shared values that make us an effective team.

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Valiant managed service experts
Valiant managed service experts

Additional Security Needs

Even businesses with in-house IT staff can benefit from our auditing capabilities and best practices:

  • Network environment mapping
  • Determination of restricted areas, ensuring they remain restricted
  • Identification of 3rd party security risks
  • Recommendation of appropriate security hardware and software, and proper implementation and documentation
  • Employee trainings to educate staff on IT policies and best practices

Maintaining the security of your business is a team effort, requiring the participation of both your staff and Valiant’s. Reach out today to learn more about how Valiant can identify and remedy issues, reduce risks, and introduce best practices to prevent threats before they can happen.

How much does downtime cost you?

Calculate your business's cost of downtime and evaluate your data protection goals.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, almost 40% of small businesses never reopen their doors after a disaster. A comprehensive, tested business continuity plan can protect your business from the effects of a disaster.

Evaluate the cost of downtime for your business and learn about Valiant's data protection services.

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Defend your business from phishing attacks.

Educate your staff. Protect your business.

Deceptive attacks designed to gain your organization’s proprietary and financial information, known as phishing attacks, are on the rise. Download this free whitepaper to learn about the latest phishing attacks.

Valiant Technology offers staff training including security best practices.

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Shadow IT: Risk & Opportunity

Unmanaged technology threats lie just beneath the surface.

Technology not managed by your IT Department presents security risks, potential data loss and piracy-related fines.

Protect your business from shadow IT with our checklist and learn how to leverage discoveries to find new efficiencies and ways to grow.

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