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Remote Work Plan Checklist

This checklist will help determine access to critical business resources during a remote work event, helping to ensure staff efficiency through regular testing, feedback, and improvement.

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Remote work plans need to... work.

Many businesses plan for events where staff may be required to work remotely, and plans must be tested to ensure proper execution in a scenario where they are required. An untested plan will lead to a loss of productivity, staff frustration, and management confusion.

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Be prepared


Maintain Security

Test, collect feedback, improve

Regular testing and feedback from test participants will help you improve your remote work plan, maintain operations, and implement your plan rapidly when it is needed.

Microsoft Forms Survey Templates

Microsoft Forms is an excellent tool for collecting feedback from your staff, and we've created 2 forms that you can use as a part of your strategy:

Use our staff remote work questionnaire to determine if your staff have the resources necessary to perform their duties remotely:

Collect feedback and discover ways to improve your plan with our remote work feedback survey:

Maintain cybersecurity for remote workers

Remote workers, particularly in a scenario where remote work is required, are more vulnerable to attacks if a remote work plan is not properly tested. It's critical to build best practices for communications for validating financial transactions and other important processes:

  • Create 2-person validation systems to ensure communications are genuine
  • Always confirm financial transfers via phone or other voice-based communications
  • Carefully review all email attachments for phishing attempts designed to capitalize on world events

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