Security Best Practices Training Videos

Valiant Technology's Security Best Practices Training is now available online in 7 easy videos.

Security should be a top priority for any company, and many do the right thing in buying equipment and software to protect themselves. However, there will always be a gap in the human element. The best way to narrow this gap is with staff training. The Valiant Technology’s training department has developed a cyber security best practices training for any and all workers. The series had been split into 7 videos that users can view at their own speed. 


The following video is an introduction and goes over the goals of this security training.

Understanding Risks and Mitigation

We further discuss the risk of cybersecurity breaches and what broad actions should be taken to reduce those risks.

Password Security

The below video is a detailed dive into secure password best practices.

Social Engineering- Scams and More

We now begin our lesson on social engineering including basics and phone scams.

Email Phishing

This video contains information about phishing emails and points out how to spot the red flags.

Examples of Phishing

Puts the lessons from the previous video to the test with examples of phishing emails.

Malware and Personal Security

We conclude our training with information on malware and how to use these tips for personal security.

Keep this page bookmarked to review this training periodically. Visit our training page to request this training in person for your staff or to request personalized training on another tech-related subject.

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