Coronavirus and Your Business

The Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation appears to be worsening across the globe with new infections being reported daily. Many of our suppliers are currently experiencing supply chain and delivery issues. These issues are beginning to affect financial markets and may lead to greater disruption. There is a probability that the US and New York area may be affected beyond the current economic impact.

A message to our customers

Our management team is closely monitoring the situation and has updated contingency plans if a widespread pandemic leads to school closures, travel bans, and quarantine procedures. We have prepared:

  • Overall response plan management and deployment procedures
  • Preparations to maintain operational continuity if our office becomes unavailable
  • Preparations for sustained remote operations for long periods of time (14+ days)
  • Staffing plans if team members become unavailable or fall ill
  • Financial impact reviews
  • Ongoing communications plans for our staff and customers

It is critical that we begin working together to prepare your business’s IT infrastructure for this type of event. Planning must go beyond standard continuity planning or managed IT services as there are many unknowns that exist. Together, we can plan and ensure that all our businesses remain safe and open for business. Please contact your account manager to speak with our business continuity preparedness team.

Is your business prepared?

Depending on how the situation develops, the ability for your staff to work remotely may be the only way to maintain operations. Can you take advantage of cloud-based systems, VoIP telephony, and other forms of technology that make remote work possible?

If you’re looking for a solution, please reach out. We’re here to help.

Georg Dauterman is the President of Valiant Technology, a New York-based Managed Service Provider specializing in solutions for creative industries. Early in his career, Georg worked in the IT departments...

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