Leveraging the Cloud for business growth

Recent advances in Cloud computing have brought many benefits to businesses of all sizes. From an increase in access to business information and improved collaboration to the reduction of expenses, properly leveraging the power of the Cloud can help your business grow.

While each business benefits from Cloud computing in different ways, here are 5 that make a positive impact on any business:


Accessing business files and applications used to be a task that could only be handled while in the office. Cloud computing has completely changed how we access information – we can now access documents, spreadsheets, applications, and communications from anywhere with an Internet connection.

These innovations have a major impact on how business functions and grows and transforms workplace culture – extending it well beyond the walls of your office. Productivity increases when staff can find ways to be their most productive and the Cloud enables staff to work in ways that they’re most comfortable with, leading to them reaching your business goals.


Cloud computing may seem mysterious at first, addressing business needs without a clear explanation of where your information resides, leading to many concerns around the security of your information.

Public cloud providers, such as Microsoft, offer services to all types of organizations, including ones that have incredibly high-security requirements. Utilizing the Cloud lets your business benefit from the increased security controls put in place without having to invest in building your own solution. Authentication systems allow for multi-factor authentication to drastically reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Data loss prevention features, such as Azure Information Protection, allow you to control how your business’s data is shared to prevent leakage risk.

Increased agility and reduction of CapEx

The adoption of Cloud computing brings many financial benefits to businesses. Migrating existing in-house systems to the Cloud reduces:

  • local technology footprint and power/cooling costs
  • server hardware maintenance needs
  • risk of local server failures disrupting operations

In addition, Cloud-based servers have the ability to scale resources within minutes, enabling your technology to effortlessly scale with your business needs.

Monthly billing for Cloud infrastructure is calculated by resource usage, is predictable, and drastically reduces the need for capital expenses commonly associated with the purchase of in-house equipment.

Business continuity

Migrating your technology to the Cloud presents business continuity benefits that can help your business maintain operations during a disaster. For instance, if your office is shut down due to weather or another unforeseen event, your team can continue working with minimal interruption since all of the resources they use exist in the cloud instead of your office.

While this doesn’t match the protective capabilities of a data protection strategy, it’s a great way to ensure minimal interruption to your business due to forces you cannot control.


The collaborative benefits the Cloud brings to businesses are transformative. Collaborating with team members encourages problem-solving, removes boundaries, and widens the range of available skills your business needs to grow.

Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of Cloud applications enable team members to collaborate on documents in real-time, securely store files that can be shared with others, easily manage projects and use Teams as a central communications hub. Our training department provides on-site training on many popular applications, including Office 365, and maintains our Knowledge Base to ensure you’re maximizing the return on your technology investment.

Is your business taking full advantage of everything Cloud-based computing has to offer? Let’s schedule a conversation to talk about how we can help you leverage the cloud for business growth.

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