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Technology infrastructure relocation made easy

Relocating a business to a new location can be a complex and stressful process. Valiant’s technology relocation services will provide you with a plan to move your technology with minimal disruption to business operations.

A Relocation Assessment can identify issues that can be solved during relocation, ensuring that your technology is able to function optimally in your new office and scale with your business.

Telecom Services

Proper relocation of your Internet and telephony resources, or the identification of new resources available to your location.

Technology Room

Evaluation and planning of your infrastructure’s physical location including, power, environmental and physical security controls.

Secure Backup

Relocation of technology to a new office presents many risks. A secured, verified, backup will ensure that your data remains safe if there are problems along the way.

Critical Software

Identification of critical business applications and systems as part of a relocation ensures that the systems you need the most are online first, minimizing operational downtime.

Valiant’s project team will work with you to understand how your business utilizes technology, your infrastructure’s current state, and systems that are critical to operations.

Schedule a conversation with a Valiant team member to discuss your relocation needs and build a plan to securely move your infrastructure.

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We’re good at what we do because we truly enjoy it, and continuously improve our skills via regular training and professional development.

When both your team and technology work together, operations are streamlined, risks are reduced, and opportunities for innovation and competitive advantages are realized.

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Michael West, Senior Reactive Support Technician
Michael West, Senior Reactive Support Technician

Discover new opportunities with an IT Assessment

Identify risk and discover how your business can become more powerful, resilient, and innovative.

Valiant Technology's IT Assessment process identifies risks before they can become costly problems, bottlenecks, and other problems that decrease network reliability and efficiency.

A technology roadmap based on assessment findings provides a clear path to technology that is aligned with your business, resilient, and secure.

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  1. Assessment

    Identify risks and discover opportunities with a complete review of your IT infrastructure, security, and operational resilience. Results are benchmarked against our best practices and used to design a technology roadmap.

  2. Remediation

    Engineers design solutions to solve identified problems and align your technology with our best practices, improving stability and security, and enabling your technology to scale with your business.

  3. Managed Service

    360° monitoring, proactive support, and vCIO consulting keeps your technology running smoothly while our training services improve workplace satisfaction and maintain security.