Managed Service

Valiant’s managed service offering provides proactive support and technical consulting designed to improve your operations, and creates predictability and stability, leading to innovation and competitive advantages for our clients.

Managed service is all about risk prevention and management, and creating positive business results through properly leveraging client technology – at a flat monthly rate.

By taking responsibility for your technology as a whole, Valiant Managed Service elevates and improves your technical results via focused, proactive, standards-driven methods.

Included with Managed Service

Core Monitoring

Monitoring of network and related systems and appropriate responses as needed, ensuring that your systems are running as designed.

Proactive Support

Valiant’s team is dedicated to preventing and remediating problems before they can happen, including all system maintenance and educational resources.

Backup Monitoring

Dedicated Valiant resources protect and monitor your data, ensuring that backups are current, valid, and restorable.

vCIO Consulting

Our Virtual CIOs work with you to understand your technology needs, and form a plan aligned with your business goals.

Shared Services

Our team automates manual, time-consuming tasks to reduce problems and implement best practices for your technology.

Flat-rate Changes

Improve employee satisfaction with an onboarding process that enables you to get new hires up and running fast.

Results-driven IT Support

When both your team and technology work together, operations are streamlined, risks are reduced, and opportunities for innovation and competitive advantages are realized.

We take a people-first approach to support, ensuring that your unique business needs and technology are properly aligned for success.

Below are four key metrics we monitor to guarantee that our clients’ technology is managed, The Valiant Way:

Issue Resolution

Reducing the amount of technical issues experienced by staff keeps business running smoothly and improves workplace satisfaction.

Resolution Time

Proactive support and automation eliminate many common issues, and decrease time to resolution when a problem occurs.

SLA Compliance

With a average service level compliance rate of 99%, our team of experts deliver results fast.


Everybody is happy when tech works, and our people-first approach to service is designed to achieve positive results and smiles.

Our team of 35 certified tech experts are staffed at our New York City headquarters 7 days a week and are ready to start managing your technology, The Valiant Way.

Ready to learn how Valiant’s approach to technology for your industry can foster growth and innovation for your business? Contact our sales team today!