What to Expect from Valiant Technology Email Protection

For those who have Valiant Technology Email Protection service, powered by Skout, this article details what you will experience with this service. This includes how your email will be affected and what to do to improve your protection.

Anyone with an email has probably experienced some form of spam or phishing attempts. There are a lot of ways to prevent this and/or reduce the impact ranging from training staff to spot phishing to implementing phishing and spam protection service for your email. Valiant Technology Email Protection is powered by Skout and Inky, and provides prevention and helps awareness. If your company uses this service, here are some things to expect. 

What are these caution banners?

The first thing you will notice is that your emails now have email protection banners at the top. These banners can help users identify potential risks in their inbox as well as helping them to recognize similar emails on their own in the future. These are color coded, gray for neutral/external, yellow for caution, and red for danger. They also include a short explanation of why the email is labeled as caution or danger.

The banners have a secondary function in the form of links. The “report this email” link is the one you can expect to use the most, that we will go more in depth on in the next paragraph. The “FAQ” link leads you to this knowledgebase article. The “Valiant Technology Email Protection” link will bring you to the Valiant contact page. From there you can open a ticket or submit an inquiry.

What happens when you click “report this email?”

You can report emails you receive to help improve your email protection. Clicking the link will bring you to the reporting page. You will have the option to label the email as safe, spam, or phishing. In the section provided, you can add notes on details related to the email. If you happened to click any links or download any attachments before reporting, be sure to check off the appropriate box before clicking submit.

The email reporting page that allows you to label an email as safe, spam, or phishing.

Why report spam or phishing?

Reporting helps your email protection service powered by Inky adapt and improve. If someone at your company reports an email as phishing and another person receives it, they will see the red danger banner. It will also say why, that someone at your company marked this as phishing. This works in the opposite direction as well. This means, if an email is marked caution, you mark it as safe so others can get the appropriate banner.

Help improve your email protection for yourself and others using this service.

So, if a legitimate email has a caution or danger banner?

Click report this email, and mark it as safe. This can help prevent that false positive for you and others in your company.

Confirmation that you have marked an email as safe.

Protection against malicious links

This service also includes protection against malicious links using Inky’s sandbox environment. If you click on a link in an email, the sandbox will test the destination and check for potential risks. If the link appears harmless, you will be connected to the site in a few seconds or less. However, if the site may not be safe, a warning will pop up.

This warning lets you know the site may not be safe. You can scroll down to see a screenshot for you to preview the page. You can choose to proceed to the site by clicking the gray button, or you can reverse course and click do not proceed.

An example of a site screenshot. This site was marked as potential spam.

This feature can help prevent a misclick from causing a security event. It also eliminates the need to hover over a link before clicking. In fact, if you hover over a link in an email, you will see that the link directs you to an inky address instead of the end destination.

Hovering over links or pictures with links will not be as helpful as before, but this feature offers a better insight into the destination.

What else can you do to increase your security?

We have many resources for users and companies to prepare, learn about and protect themselves against potential cyber security risks. With Valiant Email Protection, the best thing is to report emails and review the banners to help it learn and improve. Contact Valiant for a security assessment and visit our knowledge base for more helpful articles on how to shore up your security across the board.

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