CRN MSP 500 2024 award logo on a background featuring an abstract digital landscape with glowing blue dots rising from concentric red digital waves, symbolizing connectivity and advanced technology.

Exciting News: Valiant Recognized on CRN’s 2024 MSP 500 List

Big news! Valiant has just landed on the super prestigious CRN® 2024 MSP 500 list. This list is like the honor roll for the best IT providers that help other businesses shine by caring for their technology needs. We made it to the list because we’re excellent at what we do!

The CRN MSP 500 list highlights companies that excel in offering technology solutions to other businesses. These solutions are essential for companies looking to streamline their operations while ensuring their technology runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Why Valiant Stands Out

Valiant was selected for this honor due to our innovative strategies and commitment to excellence in technology management. We go beyond the call of duty, enabling businesses to bring their visionary ideas to life without tech hassles.

Jennifer Follett from CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, emphasized the value managed service providers like Valiant bring to the table, especially in enabling businesses of all sizes to navigate their technological needs effectively. This support is invaluable in a business environment where technology can be both a driver of innovation and a significant challenge due to its complexity.

A Word from Valiant

Georg Dauterman said, “We’re thrilled to be recognized on the CRN 2024 MSP 500 list! It’s like winning a trophy! Our team works super hard day and night to make sure our clients have the best possible IT support; this award is a big thumbs up for our work. A huge thank you to everyone who trusts us with their tech dreams and an ever huger thank you for the Valiant team who make it all happen!”

What’s Next for Valiant

This award, like many of our others, is just the start. Valiant is all about making visionaries’ dreams a reality. We’re pumped to keep up the good work and help our clients reach for the stars with their technology goals. The future is bright, and we’re ready for all the exciting challenges and adventures ahead.Check out the full list of leaders like us in the February 2024 issue of CRN magazine or online. Let’s celebrate Valiant’s big win and get ready for a future filled with wonders!