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Positioning Your Business Technology for Growth

One of my favorite quotes is, “If you don’t change, you die.” I’ve always considered this to be a powerful statement, and it’s one that Valiant Technology embraces as an...
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Why Valiant Chooses Meraki

Valiant designs networks for business of all sizes; from networks that support as little as 10 staff members to more complex networks capable of supporting hundreds of users, computers, mobile...
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Microsoft Cloud Immersion Experience at Camp David

Have you ever wanted to take a piece of software on a “test drive” before making a commitment? We have, and that’s why I’m excited to announce Valiant’s Cloud Immersion...
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Valiant Design Philosophy: Keep it Simple

In a previous post, I gave a quick rundown of our three basic design principles. This time, I want to dive deeper into one of those principles: K.I.S.S. Serviceable By...
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Valiant Design Philosophy: Stability, Security, Scalability

Last time I gave a quick rundown of Valiant’s three basic design principles. In this post, I want to dive deeper into Stability, Security, and Scalability. Stability A system that...
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Valiant System Design Philosophy

As Valiant’s System Architect, it’s my job to put together all of the various components of a project; an array of varied technologies, products, and services in to a cohesive...
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Looking Back: Cassini–Huygens

Nearly 20 years ago, the Cassini space probe and Huygens lander were launched into space on a Titan IV rocket. On September 15th, signal was lost, marking the end of...
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Cloud Computing: Asking What, Not How

Writing blog posts is always easier said than done. I have written, and rewritten, this post over and over again. One of my team members asked me to write a...
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