Not Me: Managing mail with the power of the “not me” mail flow rule.

2590. That’s the number of emails currently sitting in a folder called “not me”. And that’s just from the last […]

Teams vs Slack, Round 1!

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the first round of results from our internal Teams Vs Slack showdown. We’ve had our share of […]

New York Radio Used to be Awesome

I know, it’s hard to believe, when every station nowadays is easy listening, classic “rock” or the same limp noodle […]

Getting Started With Git

Git is, without a doubt, one of the most important utilities in the modern developer’s toolkit. Many other version control […]

Valiant’s 12 Summer Podcast Picks

Ah, Summer. That time of year when our planet’s rotational axis is most inclined towards the sun. Yeah, whatever. It’s […]

Consumer Electronics on Enterprise Networks

With all of the recent technological advancements coming in to our homes, smart automation devices are without a doubt at […]

Goodbye Slack, Hello Teams

The messaging war has hit meltdown temperatures. HipChat may have been first to this quirky new paradigm of internal messaging, […]

Good Policy before Security.

I’d like to posit that a truly secure environment is difficult but not impossible. The primary requirement is not a […]

American Endurance Racing: Watkins Glen International (9 + 9)

Valiant CTO Gene McMurray is an endurance racing enthusiast, having participated in 3-6 races per year over the last six […]

Kinda Hot in These Rhinos!

Every month we have an early morning all staff meeting to discuss a stack of topics. We discuss what’s coming […]