From consulting to repair, onsite coverage to overnight maintenance, disaster recovery to workflow design, Valiant can handle all things digital.

Managed Service

Doing managed service ‘The Valiant Way’ includes unlimited reactive help desk, unlimited proactive maintenance, monthly expert consulting, managed antivirus, remote access, cloud-based backup and so much more, and we do it for a FLAT RATE.

Eliminate the guesswork on your tech expense, and your tech experience. Get Managed Service, The Valiant Way.

Staff Augmentation

Valiant provides onsite help desk resources to cover your team’s tech needs, to provide instant response to whatever problems may crop up. Imagine a help desk that never takes sick days and gets no vacation time, and best of all the board of labor won’t ruin your day!

With Valiant Staff Augmentation you get guaranteed daily coverage from a certified expert, one with a deep team of experts right behind them, prepared to jump in and help for overflow or particularly weird issues.

Move Management

Moving is complex, stressful and fraught with risk. Valiant’s Project team are experts at managing the tech for your move. From selecting the best ISP to swapping your phone system, from making secure backups to packing the equipment, from installing the new networks to deploying slick conference room tech.

Choose our Move Management package and we will give you time to worry about picking paint colors and fighting with Cindi in Accounts Receivable for that sweet corner office.

Cloud Migrations

The old cliché “why buy a cow when you simply want milk” really has a lot of resonance in this era of the cloud. Valiant will migrate your aging, vulnerable, physical equipment to a forever-young, cloud-hosted, virtual environment, hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud (or Amazon, if you prefer, we don’t play favorites). You’ll love the reduced noise in the office when we turn off those big boxes, and your CFO will love never having to write giant checks for replacement “cows”.

Trust Valiant, and get your digital milk from the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Amateurs worry about “backup”. Professionals prepare for RECOVERY. Valiant Disaster Recovery plans include clear timelines for restoration of services, and our proprietary data management portal gives you an explicit understanding of the assets protected. Ask yourself: How long will it take to restore your businesses data after the next Sandy/Henry? How long of a gap exists between each backup? If you don’t know, that’s a problem.

Get the Valiant RECOVERY plan, and know where you stand, and how long it will take to get back on your feet.