Wi-Fi 6: A New Era of Wireless Networking

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Technology advances at a rapid pace, often to meet the constantly growing demands of modern business. Each innovation is based on the technology that existed before it; because of this, business leaders must ensure that our existing infrastructure is ready for future demands, emerging technologies, and new ways to conduct business.

This report covers the origins and evolution of wireless networking leading to Wi-Fi 6, considerations around deploying Wi-Fi 6 in your business, and real-world applications of the technology that enable business agility and growth.


Accomplish more in less time with speeds up to 40% greater than Wi-Fi 5.


WPA3 offers protection from attackers while maintaining backward compatibility.

IoT Support

Improved support for high density networks and Internet of Things devices.

Wi-Fi 6's improvements extend well beyond speed. New security features help protect your business, while improved reliability and power savings allow you to do more.

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