Whitepaper: Reducing breach and data leakage risk with email security awareness training

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Defend your organization from phishing attacks

Deceptive attacks designed to gain your organization’s proprietary and financial information, known as phishing attacks, are on the rise. According to the SANS Institute, 95% of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful phishing attacks. This means that somebody received an email and either clicked a link or opened a file that they weren’t supposed to.

With an understanding of the most popular phishing attacks, you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself from the Internet’s most common form of social engineering. This, of course, does not mean that you’ll be invincible; phishing is constantly evolving to adapt to technologies and user behavior, and proper staff training is critical to prevent falling victim to attacks.

This whitepaper details the most common forms of phishing attacks, how to spot them, and ways to educate your staff to reduce risk.

Concerned that your organization is at risk for data leakage or phishing attacks? We can help - The Valiant Way. Get in touch today to schedule a security awareness training and simulated social engineering test for your organization.

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