Severe Weather Technology Checklist

Valiant Technology's Severe Weather Preparation Checklist

Prepare your organization for severe weather

Weather events are a common cause of IT disasters, both directly and indirectly, and cost US businesses millions of dollars each year in damage and downtime.

Natural occurrences such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, and wildfires can impact an organization's ability to operate - and so can disruptions to services that your business depends on. Common utilities such as power and Internet access are just as vulnerable to weather events and account for the majority of IT disasters.

Valiant's Severe Weather Technology Preparedness Checklist provides you with an understanding of your business's existing response strategy, technology needs, business risks, and a communication plan to keep your staff informed, productive, and safe when severe weather strikes.

Concerned that your organization is at risk for downtime due to severe weather and its impact on your infrastructure? We can help - The Valiant Way. Get in touch today to schedule a technology operations resiliency review for your business.

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