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Improve operational resiliency with tabletop exercises.

A collaborative effort to identify potential threats and take proactive steps to minimize risks to your business.

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Tabletop exercises are meetings designed to discuss a simulated emergency.

Scenarios are developed that represent real events and allow you to discover weaknesses and potential threats to your business. When you know a threat exists, you can then take steps to minimize impact on operations.

Use our template to:

  • Create scenarios that can impact operations
  • Identify potential threats and unknown weaknesses
  • Develop a plan to respond and recover from scenarios
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities among your team

Download your free copy and build tabletop exercises that make a positive impact on your business today!

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1. Business basics

Work with your team to compile business information required to successfully organize tabletop exercises. 

2. Scenario development

Create scenarios of real-world events that can have a negative impact on business operations - supply chain issues, extreme weather, security incidents, and more.

3. Response and recovery

Once risks have been identified, work with your team to walk through steps to minimize the impact they can have on business operations.

4. Communications

Communicating operational issues to customers is critical. Streamline responses and reduce delay by creating templated communications based on your responses to scenarios.

5. Post-tabletop activities

A successful tabletop exercise identifies weaknesses and helps form solutions, but the work doesn't stop there. Use what you've discovered to plan activities to apply what you've learned to reducing risks and improving your operational resiliency.


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