MRY was founded as the antidote for traditional media burnout in the youth market. Over the years (and through a few interesting purchases) they’ve grown into an international group of over 500 enthusiastic employees who realize that what the young market is into today evolves into mass market appeal tomorrow.

Business Challenge

When the firm started, the lead developer was also the “IT guy”. As Mr. Youth racked up more and more wins in the new business efforts (including Starbucks, Microsoft, JetBlue), his ability to keep the machines humming was overshadowed by the need to turn out excellent sites and concepts. The challenge was to determine a way to support a growing company through the hills and valleys of development cycles, new business pitches and frantic Spring Break festivals.

Technical Challenge

The MRY (then “Mr. Youth”) infrastructure was originally built for a 25 person office. When Valiant engaged with MRY (in 2005), they were already at 40 users, and growing fast! The technical challenge was to introduce a scalable architecture while ensuring zero downtime and still maintaining the desktops, printers, internet connections and remote users at live events.


In the eight years that we worked together (through to the well publicized acquisition in 2013), Valiant built MRY’s office and technology from handling 40 people to supporting nearly 200 users in multiple sites. We handled multiple moves, three generations of server infrastructure, the rise of the early cloud, supported early-agile developers, launched major brands at major events. When the word came down that they’d be getting bought, we celebrated our dear client’s victory, even though we’d be losing our biggest account. They’re still reference-worthy today, and the central IT from their holding company praised our team for our thoroughness, professionalism and well thought out infrastructure. We’re very proud of the work we did with the MRY team.