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Matthew F. Fox

Matthew F. Fox

Creative Director

Matt has spent the better part of 2 decades building systems, managing IT departments, and developing websites and applications for the education, publishing, and technical service industries. As an MCSE turned marketer at Valiant Technology, Matt blends his hands-on technical expertise and design skills to improve Valiant customer experiences and satisfaction. Combined with a passion for design and usability, Matt’s skills have created systems that are highly available, functional and usable.

Starting his career at a non-profit organization funded by Microsoft presented Matt with many opportunities, including multiple MCSE certifications and becoming a Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher via NFTE/Babson College.

From the moment Matt wrote his first line of BASIC on a hand-me-down Tandy 286 PC he knew that his future would be deeply intertwined with technology, with work recognized by the Software Industry Association of America and the Webby Awards, and even holding a seat on a technology curriculum advisory board for the New York City Department of Education.

When not in front his Mac, Matt can be found in his design studio working on personal development and design projects including screen printing, high-density hydroponics (he grows about 25% of his own food,) expanding his music collection, or tinkering with his aquariums.

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