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Discover undocumented technology to eliminate risk and find new efficiencies in your business.


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Technology infrastructure, software, and services that live alongside the technology provided by a business, often without the approval or awareness of the IT department is known as Shadow IT. Shadow IT presents many risks, but can also be an opportunity to discover ways to improve your business operations and workplace satisfaction.

Our Shadow IT checklist will help you discover unknown technology on your network that can lead to security problems and vulnerabilities, licensing issues, data loss, and damage to your business' reputation.

Discover Shadow IT

Examine your network for signs of Shadow IT to identify risks presented by undocumented technology used within your business, while increasing security and technology oversight.

Eliminate Risks

Remove undocumented technology that does not offer any benefits to business operations, while identifying newly discovered approaches to solving business problems.

Find Opportunities

Undocumented technology put in place out of need can be properly managed and leveraged to introduce operational efficiencies without the risks associated with Shadow IT.

With threats removed and previously unknown opportunities for improvement identified, you can focus on improving operational resilience and growing your business.

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