Our founders cut their teeth as tech employees at a top five advertising agency, and have retained a passion for supporting the advertising, marketing, branding and communications industries. We’ve helped a number of agencies go from inception to acquisition, and would love to help your agency go big and go fast.

Key Services

  • Time Tracking: there isn’t an agency in the world that hasn’t struggled to get staff to track time. Valiant has ways of making time tracking easy and we can make even the most stubborn art director comply.
  • Embedded Help Desk: If you want instant response, put a Valiant staff member onsite. We’ll handle the day-to-day and the long-term work as well.
  • Workflow Management: remember Traffic and QC departments? We do! From strategy to design to production to media to finance, Valiant’s team will ensure your jobs get done, get tracked, get billed.
  • Font Management: no those fonts your designer brought in are not legal. Yes you can get penalized. Yes fonts still corrupt and are a pain in the butt. Yes we can make it better.
  • Color Calibration: your eyes aren’t what they used to be. Let us calibrate for you. No more wasted proofs because of a slippery color profile.
  • Asset Management: what do you do with 20+ years of jobs? You create an asset library, with keywords and other search criteria and enable the boss to browse when looking for inspiration.
  • Print Control: if you can track the print job, you can bill the print job, or at least present a case to the client that you really do need that rate increase. Make the production department profitable again with easy print control and simple reports.
  • Capacity Planning: can you handle the storage requirements that new client is going to lay on you when they approve that new campaign? Don’t run out of space when you’re trying to make the big splash.