Security Best Practices for Small Business

Businesses of all sizes are targeted by hackers to gain access to proprietary and customer data, threatening your ability to operate - or even remain open for business.

Attend our 45-minute webinar to learn how to protect your business from threats and position it for growth.

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What you'll learn

No business is immune to attacks designed to gain access to proprietary information, customer data, and other resources. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable and account for nearly half of all targeted attacks.

In this webinar, we review the benefits of implementing an ongoing security best practices program within your business to protect your staff, customers, and bottom line.

Key topics include:

  • Identifying cybersecurity risks that exist in your IT infrastructure and establishing policies to improve security and minimize risk
  • Maintaining privacy online, protecting your staff from phishing attempts and other forms of attacks commonly used to target executives
  • Educating staff on threats designed to gain access to systems and business information to strengthen overall awareness and security
  • Establishing IT Governance to ensure operations are properly protected and aligned with business goals

Webinar Panel

Georg Dauterman, President

Georg Dauterman

Justin Penchina, CIO

Justin Penchina

Maryann Dobrowolski, Training Manager

Maryann Dobrowolski

Training Manager

Small Business Security by the Numbers


of cyberattacks target small businesses due to a lack of security.


of small businesses attacked cease operations within 6 months.


increase in attacks and security breaches on small businesses since 2019.


of small businesses don't have staff to address security concerns.

Security threats impacting businesses of all sizes are on the rise, and the implementation of security best practices and supporting services provide a line of defense to protect your business both today and tomorrow.

Don't let your business become a statistic

The statistics on cybersecurity threats for small business is scary and not taking a proactive stance is an invitation for breaches, data leakage, a damaged reputation, or worse.

Join us as we cover topics critical to maintaining security for all small businesses and take a step towards a more secure and protected modern workplace in about 45 minutes.

Thursday June 11th, 2020


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