Standards based on experience

The Valiant Way is our philosophy; the system of thought that forms our approach to managed services and how we produce positive results for our clients.

The Pyramid is a visualization of our approach to managed services and the Journey is the implementation of our best practices formed by nearly 2 decades of experience.

The Valiant Pyramid

Inspired by Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Valiant's pyramid describes the major areas of technology a company must harness in order to create new opportunities or gain competitive advantages.


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IT systems need to work. Staff must be confident that the resources needed to perform their jobs are always available and ready for use. Systems that are unreliable reduce efficiency, the ability to deliver value to customers, and have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Valiant’s Network Stability Standards provide benefits that have a positive impact across an entire business. Greater uptime results in increased staff efficiency, fewer service calls, and higher workplace satisfaction.

Confidence in the technology provided also helps minimize Shadow IT, the usage of unofficial systems and services within a business, along with the security and legal threats commonly associated with it.


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Data, systems, and identity are the currency in which our digital age is fueled. Electronic threats pose risks to businesses of all sizes, and each staff member carries assets that are the targets of the modern criminal. All businesses are obligated to safeguard their clients and employee’s sensitive information, and privacy.

Valiant’s Security Best Practices reduce the risk of data leakage, exposure to fines and litigation, and maintain trust with customers and employees. Security reviews are performed, procedures are designed to meet the needs of your business, and staff are provided with security training to help stay safe online.


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Businesses are dynamic and must adapt to many changing factors. Market forces, new opportunities, and technology all drive a business to fluctuate in both size and scope. A measure for the success of any business is its ability to scale to ever-changing needs.

When systems are stable and secure, they have the ability to grow with your business. A properly designed network is not an obstacle, but a platform for collaboration and teamwork to create new opportunities. Costs become more predictable, and your business is now poised for innovation, and advantages over your competition.


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The introduction of innovation is a spark that drives businesses toward higher efficiency and greater profits. Innovative technology allows businesses to take on new clients, new markets, and explore new opportunities.

Find new ways to interact with your market, gain new operational insight, drive engagement by using technology to improve user customer experiences, and allow your business to reach its full potential.

The Valiant Journey

Based on nearly 2 decades of experience, The Valiant Journey is the implementation of our best practices and has been honed through hundreds of client engagements and projects.

Technology Assessment

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The Valiant Journey begins with a Technology Assessment; a complete review of your IT infrastructure, software, and services - identifying risks and opportunities for improvement.

Data collected during the assessment provides our team with the insight required to determine if your technology and business goals are aligned with our approach to managed services.

Prospective clients determined to be good candidates for Valiant’s MSP offering are then benchmarked against our internal standards.

Success Roadmap

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Successful journeys begin with a map; they allow us to navigate past challenges and achieve our goals. The creation of an IT Roadmap lays out the path to the alignment of technology and business goals and creates a plan that leads to positive results for both the client and Valiant Technology.

Valiant’s team of experts form solutions to address problems identified during the assessment process and provide insight in to their technology and how it may be aligned for success, setting client expectations and anticipated budget.

Client Onboarding

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The onboarding process marks the point where Valiant Technology assumes accountability over a client’s technology infrastructure. Our support team installs agent software on each managed device, allowing us to routinely check the overall health and status of the client’s infrastructure and take proactive actions to ensure stable and secure IT operations.

The client’s identified point of contact, business leaders, and decision makers work with Valiant to help us better understand how their staff work with technology at all levels within the business, and how to interact with us for support and other technical requests.

Technology Remediation

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All planned remediation projects listed in the IT Roadmap are executed and client technology is standardized, bringing it in to alignment with Valiant’s best practices.

Timelines and expectations for remediation projects and standardization efforts are set and agreed to by both the client and Valiant to ensure all obligations are met. The majority of projects in this phase are designed to achieve stability and security with a focus on best practices, data protection, and infrastructure security.

With a client’s network stable and secure, and agent software managing regular system updates, patches, and reporting in place, the managed service cycle begins.

360° Support

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Routine proactive maintenance is performed on the client’s technology infrastructure, identifying and solving issues before they can have an impact on business operations.

Valiant’s support desk, staffed with an array of engineers and technicians with experience geared towards industries we service, is available to assist clients with any technical issues that may arise.

Virtual CIO Consulting & Staff Training

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Valiant’s Virtual CIOs conduct regular meetings, including key service performance metrics, with business leaders and decision makers to define the current state of a client’s technology, future plans, and provide guidance to build solutions to achieve identified goals.

Training programs and educational materials are designed to maximize the return on investment made in a business’s technology. Trainings introduce efficiencies, increase collaboration, and empower your staff with the ability to work with modern business tools.


Knowledge Base

Looking to get the most from Windows 10 or take the perfect screen shot for a presentation?

Visit our Knowledge Base for guides, tips, tutorials, and videos on topics relevant to technology in the modern workplace.

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People-first solutions

While we are largely results-driven, our solutions are designed with people, not technology, in mind.

Our people-first approach is at the core of our culture, everything we do, and a part of the shared values that make us an effective team.


We understand the impact of technology on businesses, and its ability to enable or hinder growth.

Service Mentality

We strive to provide the highest level of service available, and continually review and optimize our own practices


We’re good at what we do because we truly enjoy it, and continuously improve our skills via regular training and professional development.

When both your team and technology work together, operations are streamlined, risks are reduced, and opportunities for innovation and competitive advantages are realized.