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Relocating an entire company to a new office can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Keep your relocation on track and organized with Valiant's Moving Resource Guide:

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A Successful Move Starts With a Plan

Moving a busy office requires strategic planning and expertise. The longer the move, the less revenue generating activity is performed by your staff.

Streamline your office move with Valiant's Moving Resource Guide, covering plans starting from 6 months prior to your move, to activities that commonly take place in the weeks after.

Our downloadable guide even includes a vendor directory containing moving companies, real estate lawyers, and other businesses that can help make your move a success.

180 Days Out

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    Select staff members and form a move committee. Plan weekly meetings until three weeks aft​​​​er the move is complete.
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    Establish a relocation budget.
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    Prequalify any new office space with your IT support provider for available bandwidth options.
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    Check your existing lease for conditions related to returning the space to the landlord and set up a meeting to review all requirements.

60 Days Out

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    Coordinate with your IT support provider on server, desktop, and associated packing requirements and establish firm service move timelines.
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    Assemble a move team, with each department having a point person, and schedule weekly coordination meetings.
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    Develop a preliminary move schedule.

30 Days Out

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    Develop a labeling/tagging scheme for equipment, furniture, and other movable items to ensure paired devices arrive at the new office together.
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    Secure off-site storage location for old files that do not need to be relocated to the new office.

Make sure all of your bases are covered with Valiant's free Moving Resource Guide!

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