Microsoft Teams

Chat-based workspace and video calling

Bring together the full breadth and depth of Office 365, to provide a true chat-based hub for teamwork and give your organization the opportunity to create a more open, fluid, and digital environment.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the Central Communications Hub for the Modern Workplace

Microsoft Teams is a chat and collaboration platform for Microsoft Office 365 customers designed to simplify group work.

Teams reduces the friction between Office 365 apps by bringing everything together in one place: people, conversations, content and tools. It becomes your hub for chats, calls, meetings, private and group messages specific to projects. It allows you to share applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, websites and OneNote. And you can share assets like calendars, files and email, too. All seamlessly, in real-time.

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Become a Microsoft Teams Power User with our cheat sheets:

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Improve Collaboration, Save Time and Money

Sales. Marketing. Project management. Engineering. Customer service. ​

Highly-engaged teams like these that tend to iterate on shared deliverables can use this new platform to produce better results. Above all, Microsoft Teams will benefit groups that need agility, to keep information flowing, to make their work more open, visible and shared. It’s a fantastic means to “flatten” organizational structures and break down the silos, allowing everyone to stay in the know.

Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Collaborate on Files

The collaboration capabilities of Office 365 are there in Microsoft Teams.

Upload files within the chat and they are saved to SharePoint, making it simple to share with your team. Members can access, edit and discuss the files right within Microsoft Teams, ensuring everyone has the latest version.

Microsoft Teams Metrics

Add the Tools You Need

Tabs lets you set your channels up with the tools and services your team needs.

Files and notes are built in, and you can add your own tabs for PowerPoint presentations, Power BI reports or SharePoint sites for the team to access, discuss and collaborate on – all within the channel.

Microsoft Teams Activity

Keep Up With the Action

The Activity Log makes staying up-to-date super simple.

Notifications keep you informed of recent changes to conversations you’re involved in such as @mentions, replies and likes.

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