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Microsoft Teams

Leverage the power of Office 365 to improve collaboration, productivity and ROI for your business with chat and voice based communications, file sharing and more.

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Collaboration leads to new ideas and business growth

Improve collaboration and streamline access to information throughout your business with Microsoft Teams.

Teams unites all of your Office365 applications by bringing everything – your people, conversations, content, and tools together in a single place to enable collaboration, new ideas, and business growth.

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Enhance Productivity

Collaboration encourages problem solving, shared responsibility and inspires staff to work together to achieve common goals.

The Bigger Picture

Work together and introduce multiple points of view to solve today's problems while forming strategies for long-term growth.

Collaborate Anywhere

Remove boundaries with the power of Cloud-based applications that can be accessed from any device, anywhere.

Knowledge Exchange

Strengthen internal skills and collective knowledge to create new solutions to meet goals and help your business grow.


Staff Training

Valiant’s training programs and educational materials are designed to maximize the return on investment made in a business’s technology.

Learn the basics of common platforms like Microsoft Office 365 along with their included collaborative tools to improve teamwork and discover new ways to reach business goals.