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IT Key Performance Indicator Definitions and Usage

Use this guide to identify KPIs to measure the progress of IT projects and ensure alignment with business goals.

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Make business data work for you

Data is everywhere; there never seems to be a shortage of it. Accessing data isn’t a huge challenge but understanding how to use it to make better decisions to support growth can be.

Access to the right data helps answer important business questions:

  • Are we taking the best actions and making decisions that achieve defined business goals?
  • How effective are the goods and/or services we provide to our customers?

Download our free guide to learn benefits of using KPIs to indicate performance and alignment with strategies, common metrics, and steps to create a process to leverage KPIs for business growth.

Identify your North Star Metric

Do you have a metric that focuses on business growth? We're discussing KPIs and how to identify your business's North Star Metric in our 3/18 live stream:

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