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How to Host a Zoom Wedding

With vast improvements in video calling across several platforms, people are creatively using this technology to watch events they can’t...

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How to Pin a Video in Zoom

When you are participating in a Zoom meeting with one primary speaker you may want to pin their video. Pinning...

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Using a Virtual Whiteboard in Video Conferencing

When working remotely, it’s important to fully familiarize yourself with the tools at your disposal. If you only understand the...

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Zoom Best Practices Video

So many people are using Zoom for their video conference calling and remote meeting needs. We’ve put together a Best...

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How to Start a Zoom Meeting

With so many more people working remotely, its important to be able to have virtual meetings and video conference calls....

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Zooming In and Out in Your Internet Browser

It happens to everyone at some point. Your internet browser is showing you too small or too large of a...

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