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Anatomy of Start

Change can be scary. Microsoft knows that, and that’s why they made the new Windows 10 start menu a combination...

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Presentation Mode

For anyone who wants a quick and one-click way to change multiple setting to optimize your computer for a presentation....

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Snip and Sketch

Snip and Sketch is the newer, better version of the classic snipping tool released for Windows 10. If you don’t...

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Hello Cortana

Microsoft’s AI, Cortana, is front and center at the Windows 10 interface. Use her to answer simple questions or start...

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Windows Snap

Snap may not be a brand new feature to Windows 10, but the continuing utility and upgrades in the new...

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Emoji Keyboard

A picture is worth a thousand words. Express yourself more easily with Emoji keyboard. Our Windows 10 tips and tricks...

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Shake Your Window

Windows’ shake feature allows you to organize you windows and focus on just one. Check out our video on the...

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