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Copy that! A Lesson in Clipboard History

A simple question was posed to me the other day. Is there a way you can copy two things at...

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Outlook Clean Up Tools

Once upon a time, Email was a revolutionary way to save time. More recently, however, it has evolved into a...

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Find the Perfect Meeting Time with Scheduling Assistant from Microsoft

Scheduling meetings between several people can be a chore. A lot of people are still coordinating back and forth over...

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Snip & Sketch tool: Making Screengrabs Easy to Capture and Share

Aloha. This KB article is about how to take a screen grab using Window’s built in Snip & Sketch tool....

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Google Image Search Tools and Tips

Google image search is a great way to find images for work and personal use. Perhaps you need help showing...

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Scheduled Emails in Gmail

After much anticipation, Gmail has released the ability to schedule an email to be sent at a later day and...

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Delayed Delivery in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook has a ton of amazing features that often get overlooked. (Partly due to the fact that they have so...

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Anatomy of Teams

Teams can be a great tool for chat, conference calls, screen sharing, file sharing, and more. Although the Teams interface...

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Screenshot and Clipping tool in Microsoft Word

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Adding images to your documents, whether it be a report, an...

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