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How to Make a OneDrive Folder for Collaboration and Sharing Outside of Your Domain

OneDrive and SharePoint open up a lot of collaborative possibilities. While collaboration most often occurs within a company there are...

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Moving Files from OneDrive to SharePoint

There are a number of reasons you may have a file saved to OneDrive that should be in more centrally...

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Creating a Shortcut to a SharePoint Site

SharePoint can add a lot of convenience to your workflow, and there are many ways to access your cloud files....

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Stopping SharePoint Sync

Syncing a SharePoint folder to your computer can provide a convenient and familiar way to access your cloud data. However,...

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Check it Out, Check it In, with SharePoint

SharePoint makes working collaboratively from any location easy as pie, as long as you have internet. However, some places you...

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Version History and Restoration in SharePoint

SharePoint allows its users to collaborate on documents and have autosave enabled by default. These features have also caused people...

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Attaching a Sharepoint File in Outlook

Using Sharepoint to maintain your files in the cloud has a ton of benefits for collaboration, remote work, and accessibility....

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Syncing SharePoint to Your Computer

SharePoint is a great resource for cloud based sharing and storage of your documents. It helps increase collaboration between workers...

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The Best Way to Access SharePoint

One of the biggest selling points for SharePoint is the ability to access your files from any location. How you...

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