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Reduce Mobile Data Use

Are you blessed with unlimited data? If so, this article isn’t for you. (Actually, you should check if your mobile...

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Attaching a Sharepoint File in Outlook

Using Sharepoint to maintain your files in the cloud has a ton of benefits for collaboration, remote work, and accessibility....

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Changing Your Startup Applications

Computers are meant to be convenient, but do you ever find the start up process takes too long opening things you don’t...

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Zooming In and Out in Your Internet Browser

It happens to everyone at some point. Your internet browser is showing you too small or too large of a...

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Windows 10 Video Library

Windows 10 is the latest and quite possibly the last new Windows Operating system, and it is a great one....

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Embracing Windows 10 for Windows 7 Loyalists

In January 2020 extended support for Windows 7 will end. This means everyone will have to upgrade to Windows 10...

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Snip & Sketch tool: Making Screengrabs Easy to Capture and Share

Aloha. This KB article is about how to take a screen grab using Window’s built in Snip & Sketch tool....

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The Best Way to Access SharePoint

One of the biggest selling points for SharePoint is the ability to access your files from any location. How you...

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Making the Most of Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for communication and collaboration, with one of the best features being easy and quick...

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Google Image Search Tools and Tips

Google image search is a great way to find images for work and personal use. Perhaps you need help showing...

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