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How to Create a Simple Flow with Power Automate

Power Automate is a next level tool in the Office 365 kit that can help with automating a lot of...

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Integrated Apps in Teams

Microsoft Teams can be more than just a chat and conference calling application. With all the integrations that Teams allows,...

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Differences between Drive types in Google Workspace

If you’re new to cloud based storage, sometimes the organization can be a bit confusing. Google doesn’t help with their...

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Creating Outlook Signatures using Desktop, Web Browser, and Mobile Apps

Signature creation has become pretty standard practice for any business. With the Outlook desktop application you can create multiple signatures...

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How to Customize your Ribbon Toolbar in Microsoft Office Apps

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office Apps offer customizable user interfaces to help make your workflows easier. The ribbon...

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How to Access G Suite Tasks Using the Side Panel

G Suite has a simple task list for keeping track of your to-dos. Tasks have been integrated into the side...

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Creating and Editing Your Google Keep Notes from the Side Panel

Did you know that you can access simplified versions of G Suite and third party applications in other G Suite...

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Getting Familiar with the G Suite Side Panel

G Suite is championed for being user friendly and is consistently updating their platform to be more so. The side...

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Edit Google Calendar from the Side Panel

The side panel feature in G Suite offers convenient access to some of your favorite Google apps and more. Out...

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Keyboard shortcuts for Zooming In and Out in Teams

Microsoft Teams has many features to make its user interface as convenient as possible. Being able to use common keyboard...

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