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Scheduling Teams Meetings

Connect remotely to meetings or set up conference calls (video or audio only) using Teams meetings feature. The video below...

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Instant Teams Meetings

Some of the coolest features on Teams are the audio and video calls. In this video we review how to...

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Organizing Channels

Stay efficient with an organized Teams and Channels list. This video goes over just how easy it is to keep...

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Creating Channels

After you’ve mastered creating a new Team, it’s time to fill it up with Channels. The following video is an...

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All About Channels

Within Teams, channels divide topics of conversation and organization for data and workflows. Learn more about the best uses for...

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Creating a Team

After becoming familiar with Teams, it may be time to create your own. In the following video, we go through...

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What is a Team?

Teams is the name of the application, but also the name of the groups created to share the productivity hub...

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Anatomy of Teams

Teams can be a great tool for chat, conference calls, screen sharing, file sharing, and more. Although the Teams interface...

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