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Resetting your Office 365 Password

Knowing how to reset your password is a key part of security best practices. You may need to do so...

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How to Set Up OneDrive as your Computer’s Backup

Microsoft OneDrive can be used in many beneficial ways like being able to access your files on the go and...

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Video Call Tips, Best Practices, and Quick Troubleshooting

No matter what video conferencing app you use, there are some universal ways to make your calls better. We have...

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Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication for your Google Account

When it comes to taking steps to secure your accounts, turning on multi-factor authentication may provide the best protection for...

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VPN Best Practices

If you use VPN to work remotely, there are steps you can take to keep that connection at its fastest....

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How to Manually Run Windows Updates

One of the best and easiest ways to beef up the security and performance of your devices is to ensure...

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Opening a Support Ticket with the Valiant Client Portal

Valiant Technology wants you to have the best possible service. Our clients have always been able to open tickets either...

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Security Best Practices Training Videos

Security should be a top priority for any company, and many do the right thing in buying equipment and software...

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Security and Your Facebook Linked Accounts

Convenience vs Security As the amount of applications people use increased, password management has become a huge commodity. The are...

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Find the Perfect Meeting Time with Scheduling Assistant from Microsoft

Scheduling meetings between several people can be a chore. A lot of people are still coordinating back and forth over...

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