What Network Device are You Quiz

Ever wonder what type of Network device you are? No one has, but now that this quiz has offered to figure it out, you kind of want to know, right? Answer these probing questions and get your ideal match.

    Valiant Technology is exploring new ways to provide information to our clients and others who want to know more about their tech. We are exploring the use of quizzes to help users retain information and test their own IT IQ.

    The following is just a fun quiz while we explore the possibilities of the built-in quiz module. Please enjoy this completely unnecessary quiz to help you determine what type of network equipment you are most like.

    Intersted in an IT assessment of your office network or just straight up purchasing the device that came up in your quiz results? Contact us!


    If you don’t like your results, you can always take the quiz again by refreshing this page. For more ways to learn check out our knowledgebase at https://thevaliantway.com/kb

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