Microsoft Teams Video Library

    Microsoft Teams is a great tool in the Office 365 productivity suite. At its most basic it can be used as a communication tool for instant messages and group chats. At its most complex, it can be used as a full productivity hub and centralized work area. In order to demystify some of the many features of Teams, we’ve build out a video library all about the basics. Go Teams!


    Anatomy of Teams

    All about the what and the where of the main features of Teams.

    Anatomy of Teams video

    What is a Team?

    New to Teams? You’re not alone. We go over the basics of what defines a “Team”.

    What is a Team video

    Creating a Team

    After learning about what a Team is, why not take a shot at creating your own?

    Creating a Team video

    All About Channels

    Within Teams are channels for topics of discussion, organization of workflows and more. Learn more about what makes up a channel.

    All About Channels video

    Creating Channels

    How and why to create a new channel within a Team.

    Creating Channels video

    Organizing Channels

    Keep your most important channels more visible and hide the ones you visit rarely with these organization steps.

    Organizing Channels video

    Instant Teams Meeting

    Text chat not quite robust enough to collaborate? Start instant audio or video chat with the Teams meeting feature.

    Instant Teams Meeting video

    Scheduling Teams Meetings

    Plan ahead and set up a conference call or video conference call with Teams Meetings with this easy guide.

    Scheduling Teams Meetings video

    Teams Chat Pop-Out Window

    Ever wish you could open a Teams chat in a separate window? Well now you can. We’ve created a quick how-to video to demonstrate this useful feature.

    How to Use Teams’ Chat Pop-Out Window

    Apply Background Effects

    Learn how to use Teams Background effects including blur my background and virtual backgrounds. It’s background-breaking technology!

    How to Apply Background Effects in Microsoft Teams

    Zooming In and Out in Teams

    Learn how to enlarge and shrink your view in Teams using a few simple keyboard shortcuts.

    Keyboard shortcuts for Zooming In and Out in Teams

    Additional Valiant Teams videos

    How to access Teams on your computer

    How to use Teams filter function

    How to join a Teams meeting and what all the options mean

    How to use breakout rooms in Teams meetings

    Office 365 applications are always evolving and Teams is no different. We plan to bring you more helpful videos and KB articles on this subject. 

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