Twitter Multi-Factor Authentication Set Up Guide

This guide walks you through the process of setting up multi-factor authentication for you Twitter account. In just a few quick steps on your smart phone, you can exponentially increase your account security.

Security for your social media accounts should be a high priority for anyone from an individual to big business. We all want increased protections for the information and reputation of those accounts and to help prevent further breaches using that data. One of the easiest ways to lock down your account is adding multi-factor authentication for your account log in.

Setting up MFA on your Twitter account is a quick process completed through your smart phone or tablet. Follow the steps laid out in this guide to secure your Twitter account or accounts. We recommend repeating this process for any additional Twitter or social media accounts you have, including both business and personal.

Prerequisite: Choose and download an authentication app

For your additional login security factor, we recommend using an authentication app over SMS text messages. Both increase security, but authentication apps are more difficult to spoof or find a work around for if your accounts are being targeted. Here are a few we recommend:

Just follow the download and installation instructions provided at those links, and you’ll be all set to set up MFA on many of your accounts.  You can also use a different app if your business recommends or requires it.

Multi-Factor authentication settings location in Twitter

To reach the set up of MFA, start by clicking your profile picture in the upper left corner of your screen. Towards the bottom of this menu will be settings and privacy.

From there, tap on account to access your login and security settings. Under that heading, tap security.

Two-Factor authentication will be at the top. Tap anywhere on the brief explanation of TFA to start the setup process.  

Setting up an authentication application for Twitter

Tap the check box to select the authentication app and then click start. You will then be prompted to enter your password. Type it in (or let your phone auto-fill it) and tap the verify button.

The easiest way to set this up is to use an existing authentication app on your device. Tap the Link app now button and select the authentication app you wish to use.

Your phone will then switch to the authentication app and display a message asking you to confirm adding Twitter. After approving this, you will start receiving pass codes. Long press on the code to copy it to your clipboard. Then, switch back to the Twitter app where you left off.

Paste the code into the space provided and click verify. If all goes well, your phone will display that you are set up with two-factor authentication.  

You did it! MFA is enabled on your account

Setting your Twitter login to require multi-factor authentication is a huge step in preventing account breaches. You’re on a roll, so why stop now? Set up MFA for your other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. Branch out further and see how many accounts you get can this added layer of protection for. Visit our knowledge base to learn more ways to shore up your security.

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