Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication for Facebook

The quickest and easiest way to secure your Facebook account is adding multi-factor authentication to your log in. This article provides the steps to walk you through this process.

Maximizing security on your accounts seems obvious when talking about financial and email logins, but many people overlook social media accounts. These can not only include important private information on you and your contacts, but have the potential to lead to further security breaches. One of the easiest ways to double the security for your social media accounts is to set up multi-factor authentication.

Setting up MFA for Facebook is a quick and simple process. We recommend not only doing this for any business account, but your personal accounts as well. It only takes a minute or so, and once complete will significantly beef up your account security.

Prerequisite: Choose and download an authentication app

For your additional login security factor, we recommend using an authentication app over SMS text messages. Both increase security, but authentication apps are more difficult to spoof or find a work around for if your accounts are being targeted. Here are a few we recommend:

Just follow the download and installation instructions provided at those links, and you’ll be all set to set up MFA on many of your accounts.  You can also use a different app if your work recommends or requires it.

Navigating to Facebook MFA set up

You will have to access Facebook in a browser (as opposed to the mobile application) to set up MFA. In the upper right-hand corner of your window, there should be a small down arrow which opens your account options.

Our Valiant Facebook page as the backdrop of finding the Settings & Privacy menu.

On the drop down menu, you’ll see a gear icon next to settings & privacy. Click this and then click settings.

MFA set up will be in settings, but privacy check up and shortcuts are useful tools to explore at another time.

Security and login settings are the second option in the left-hand menu. Once you select it, you will see many options available to you. Scroll down until you find the Two-factor authorization section. Click “Use two factor authentication” to start.

Scroll down past a few sections to reach two-factor authentication and click the top option.

Using an app to set up Facebook two-factor authentication

Facebook will present you with options for MFA. Select “use authentication app”. You will want your smart phone with the authentication app ready for this next step.

You will get a unique QR code and written out code. One that doesn’t link you to like the above.

This will bring up a QR code and a long written out code. Open the authentication app in your phone and add the code in one of two ways. The easier way is to scan the qr code with your phone’s camera, but if needed you can enter the typed out code.

Once scanned, go back to the Facebook page in the browser and click continue. You will be taken to a confirmation page, and can now feel more secure in your Facebook account.

Success screen after setting up two-factor authorization for Facebook

How you can get even more security

We recommend setting up Multi-factor authentication on any accounts that allow it. It’s also a good idea to review the other security settings for your Facebook account, such as connected applications. By following security best practices you can protect your accounts, both personal and business, from costly breaches.

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