IronScales Anti-Phishing Portal

    The IronScales Anti-phishing service is a great tool to shore up your security and understand where to focus training efforts. As an admin, there are a lot of features and setting you can customize and control. In this article, we define and describe the basic sections of the admin portal. 

    Accessing the home dashboard

    First, go to and log in using your administrator credentials. This will bring you to the home dashboard.

    Your dashboard may look slightly different based on your activity, settings, and included features.

    On this page you can see the main dashboard with information on recent events and previous test campaigns. 

    Clicking on the appropriate parts of these widgets allows you to review any reported incidents or set up a new phishing test campaign. We’ve laid out guides for both of these in other articles.

    Threat Protection Dashboard

    The Threat Protection dashboard has a lot of information your incoming attacks and how they were handled. This can be useful for security analysis to help make overall security decisions.

    You can choose your date range at the top right of this page.

    To export this reporting in a CSV, just click the link in the top right.

    If you scroll down, you can also easily see who appears to be targeted the most and who filed the most reports.

    Which of your employees appear to be the most targeted?

    Phishing Simulation Dashboard

    The third tab on the right-hand menu is the phishing simulation dashboard. If you have conducted two or more phishing test campaigns, you can view analysis of you results here.

    The more campaigns you run, the more detailed and accurate your analysis will be.

    There are a lot of widgets for statistics from your recent campaigns . These include changes over time, number of emails sent and reported, and number of participants. You can even see how many trainings have been completed after being lured by a misleading link. At the top, you can change the date range to view a more specific time frame. There are a lot of statistics within this section, but in general you want the number of users “successfully” lured to be minimal to none.

    Having a large percentage of your staff never lured is my kind of slice of pie.

    You can use all this information to help you determine where to focus training and other preventative measures.

    Using the admin portal to it fullest potential

    It is essential that your organization has the overall goal of using this information for prevention. The analysis and training that comes with IronScales can be a big help, and take much of the burden off you and your staff to keep track on their own. Lastly, be sure to share any relevant information with your cyber security preparedness coordinator and your IT provider to come up with a plan to stop phishing attempts before they become a problem.

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