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The best ways for clients to contact and otherwise get service from Valiant Technology. This guide covers opening troubleshooting tickets, communication and more. 

Welcome Valiant client! We want to make sure our service is simple and convenient for all our users, so we’ve created a guide for you. Whether your a new staffer or just haven’t had the need to reach out yet, this will help walk you through the best ways to contact Valiant, what to expect when you do, and how you can help get your issue resolved faster. Let’s start with the very basics, in case you aren’t already intimately acquainted with your IT managed service provider. 

Who is Valiant?

  • We’re your IT team. We’re here to help with the big things you never see like the server and network but also the little things you deal with on the daily. Our goal is to take a proactive approach so we aren’t just fixing problems as they arise (which we of course do!) but that we are reducing your IT related issues.  
  • Our team of IT professionals apply our design philosophy to your technology, enabling your business resources to be more efficient, reliable, and prepared for what’s next. 

Troubleshooting tickets

  • When you have a problem, you open a ticket. Either call or email it in and it will be assigned to someone who will get you the help you need.  
    • 646-775-2771 option 1 or 
    • You can also open a ticket through our client portal
    • See contact section for more details 
  • What’s a ticket? 
    • It’s just proper documentation. We have a system that track all our tickets. Each ticket has a unique number for our records. Every issue gets a ticket. 
  • Why do we use tickets? 
    • Better service 
      • We want to have records of our steps, fixes, and communication so we can help with a similar issue in the future to quality control on our communications etc. 
    • Tracking problems (reports) 
      • We can determine what issues come up most often or if there is a spike in a certain type of issues. All of which can help us to do our preventative work 
    • Maintain SLA 
      • To ensure the timeliness of our ticket response.  

When to open a ticket

  • If your computer is acting up, or running slowly, the printer is having issues, or you can’t connect to wifi, consider opening a ticket 
  • Before you do… Have you tried turning it off and on again? The majority of minor problems can be solved with a simple reboot 
    • Computers can be self-correcting for minor errors so start with this step before opening a ticket.
    • We recommend rebooting at least once a week for optimal performance 
  • Is it just you or is it everyone? Do you think someone may have already opened this ticket? Open the ticket if you are unsure and we can merge them into one.  
  • Is it just a persistent annoyance but you can work through it, open the ticket and let us know you can still work.  

How to open a ticket 

  • Email – 
  • Call – 646-775-2771 and select option 1
  • Visit and click “report a problem”
    •  Click here for more on how to use the client portal
  • Information to include
    • Asset tag (if possible)
      • This is an orange sticker on your computer with a 5 or 6 digit number used to identify that device. It is usually located on the bottom of a laptop or on the top of the tower on a desktop. On an iMac, it is usually located either on the back or at the base. 
    • Onset – When did this start?
      • Were there any recent changes (such as a new mouse, new update/install, desk move)?
    • Frequency – Persistent or intermittent?
      • How often does this issue occur?
    • Who is affected?
      • This helps us diagnose the root of the issue. For example, if you can’t access the internet, the issue is probably in your computer or connection. If no one can, then it’s a network issue. 
      • Have you experienced this on other devices?
    • Any other details about the issue that you think may be helpful
    • Due dates/urgency – “I can’t connect to the printer” vs “I can’t connect to the printer and need this report for a meeting in an hour”
      • How we label severity
        • Critical – Server or Network not available (majority of users affected and core technology services unavailable)
        • High – Significant degradation of service (up to 50% of users and at least one business-critical function unavailable)
        • Medium – Limited degradation of service (under 50% of users or functions affected, business processes can continue, or one user experiencing work stoppage)
        • Low – Small service degradation (business processes can continue, one user affected). 
    • If calling, and you already have a ticket number please let the technician know. 
  • The person calling in must be on our Contact list or we will have to get verification from an approver from your site. 

Communication is key

  • How communication will come to you, primarily through email and phone calls
  • Email from
    • Users can simply reply to the email to make at ticket note, add more information, etc. 
    • If a tech asks a question, the ticket will be set to waiting customer. You will get reminders that your input is needed to proceed. After 3 days of inactivity, the ticket will automatically close. You can reopen it easily by replying to any of those emails at any time. So, if you don’t have time now, in two weeks you could still reply to get service.
  • Client Portal ticket updates
    • All updates and notes will be emailed, but if you want to check in on the status of your ticket, add more information, or close your ticket you can view your ticket at the client portal by either clicking “Ticket updates” or “Support tickets”.
  • Remote agents
    • The vast majority of issues can be solved remotely. Our staff will be able to log into your computer and take control to troubleshoot. They will ask for permission beforehand.
    • What it will look like when someone logs in
      • You will receive a message that someone is accessing your computer.
      • They will take over control of your computer.
        • They’re moving your mouse, don’t move the mouse
        • They may need you to enter a password. They may not need you at all. Discuss with your technician.
    • Routine updates will happen in the background, and some may suggest a reboot to take effect.
  • Post-ticket survey
    • Why it’s important for us – fine-tune, better service! Track over the long term how we are doing. 
    • Never email a tech directly. They may not be available or assigned to help, and you will get a slower response. If you like a technician you worked with, say so in the survey!

After-hours troubleshooting

  • Valiant is open 8:30 am to 8 pm Mon-Friday with on-call staff after hours and weekends 
  • For after-hours, email is recommended. If calling, please leave a message (with callback number) and someone will get back to you. Voicemails will be automatically emailed to the staff. 
  • Please indicate if this is something that can wait until regular business hours 
  • After-hours troubleshooting usually incurs a cost and we may need to get approval before proceeding.

Equipment/Software requests

  • Hardware issues should come from a ticket indicating what is broken. We will try to fix the issue before recommending a replacement.  
  • Software or additional equipment requests should go to your direct supervisor. Valiant can help our POC with recommendations if you are unsure of what is needed for a task. Valiant can help with the procurement of certain software such as Adobe and Office but will need approval.  

Support Center

Need Valiant on the go? Check out our Support Center at Here you can navigate to opening a ticket, reviewing your ticket on the client portal, and our knowledgebase.

Valiant Technology is the award-winning managed service provider to innovative industries in New York.

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