How to Block Someone on LinkedIn

When you need to block someone on LinkedIn, you want to do so with expediency. This article goes through the easy to follow steps.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for connecting and networking with other professionals. However, not everyone acts with the best intentions. When you need to block someone, it’s important that you can do so quickly and easily.

The need to block someone can arise from posts, messages, or the initial connection request. In any case, the first step to block someone is to click on their name and visit their profile.

An example of a message that may cause you to block a user.

From there , click the dot dot dot for more options. Click the report/block option at the bottom of this menu.

The options menu button is located next to the ignore button in this instance.

You will be prompted to verify if you want to block the user just for yourself or if you want to report the user or a photo to Linked In.  (Quick tip: if you want to do both, report first and then block.)

The option to block will say block [user name]. In our case the user’s name is Val.

The last step is to confirm you do indeed, want to block this person. Once you confirm, the request will be processed and you will be brought back to your LinkedIn feed page.

Click the big blue button to block.

Hopefully you won’t have the need to do this too often, but it’s a good thing to know how to do quickly. Securing your social media is important, and knowing how to block is one way of doing so.

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